Join the The National Hispanic Media Coalition Campaign to stop radio hosts “John & Ken” from continuing their hateful anti-immigrant activities. Here’s what’s been happening, exerpted from NHMC’s website:

“While John and Ken have a history of demonizing Latinos as they pretend to stick to the issues, their September 1st rant went too far. They took it upon themselves to target one immigrant rights activist in particular, Jorge-Mario Cabrera of the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles (CHIRLA). Instead of taking issue with Jorge-Mario’s politics, the duo provided Mr. Cabrera’s office and personal cell phone numbers and encouraged their listeners to call and harass him. Mr. Cabrera proceeded to receive over 430 abusive and threatening calls. Many of the callers repeated John and Ken’s exact words, and then wished death upon Mr. Cabrera and/or threatened his life and his physical safety. And indeed, many callers directly referenced John and Ken in their nasty messages.”

NHMC and a number of partners have decided that enough is enough and we are launching a campaign to remove John & Ken from the radio and TV so that they will no longer harm our community.


San Antonio Texas 

Our Streets Will Not Be Silenced!

¡Las Calles No Se Callan!

The Situation: The city of San Antonio, Texas charges some groups thousands of dollars for the right to march in the public streets while letting others march and rally for free. The San Antonio Free Speech Coalition is fighting to overturn this policy by mobilizing community members and suing the city for their right to assembly. This is one way activists are fighting to redefine and redistribute First Amendment rights. Fabiola Torralba explains:

It’s our First Amendment right; other than that, we already paid for street usage. We pay it in taxes. Our ancestors built these streets. Our blood, our sweat, its all here – We shouldn’t have to pay for it all again.”

Update: After their first attempt at a legal hearing in San Antonio was dismissed in June 2009, they appealed. Oral arguments were heard by the US Court of Appeals Fifth Circuit in New Orleans. This court also found in favor of the City of San Antonio in Sept. 2010. To learn more about the case and hear attorney Amy Kastely’s oral arguments visit the Coalition’s website. To read an account of the hearing go here.

“The message that’s put out by the tourist industry here is that visiting San Antonio you get to experience Mexican culture without having to deal with any conflicts.”

~ Amy Kastely, attorney for the San Antonio Free Speech Coalition

MJHP interviewed Amy Kastely, attorney for the San Antonio Free Speech Coalition and Graciela Sanchéz, Executive Director of Esperanza Peace and Justice Center, one of the lead organizations in the case. You can read the interview here.

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